Valandra is the ancient capital of the old world as is said to have been the birthplace of man-kind 30,000 years ago. Though scholars dispute the numbers claiming the world to be far older and the original settlers, due to some unknown reason, moved north beyond wall.

The capital gets its name from the first of the royal houses. House Val at the start of the second age. See the ‘History of the Val-al’ below for more details.

The current king is Romius Colgrim the Fifth.


History of the Val-al Monarchs as recorded from the Great Cataclysm of 500-520

THE FIRST AGE: The Age of Unification
Jerum the I (520-589)
Builds new empire from the dust and rubble of the city of Valandra. Establishs the Kings Throne and 7 royal Houses.
Smaller settlements to the north begin to thrive once again.

Jerum the II (589-601)
Famine of the great cataclysm relapse and send world into a 10 year dark age which Jerum helps develop the field of clerical magic though he himself is taken by the illness. The City of Stelton is established.

Arnack Jerum the III (601-688)
Second Elf and Human wars begin. Elves are repelled.

Jerum the IV (688-742)
A young Felix Greenthorn begins rallying members for a cult group called the “Lokus”

Jerum the V (742-800)/Steelock the I
Civil wars break out between Capital and Stelton (now called the Shin)
Jerum the VI (800-870)

Council of Kings is Established which eventually leads to the downfall of the Jerum house. Scholars despute this as being one of the best or worst political moves in history. As a result Jerum the VI is generally look down upon by rural people. House Jerum is replaced by rival House Thron.

THE SECOND AGE: The Age of Unrest
Lord Thron (870-920)

Brigum grows. Elves land on the land mass that will be named Corthis.

Lord Roland (920-923)
Of the Hold Maybridge clan takes the throne

Lord Faron (923-930)
Of the Hold Farronus clan takes the throne

Lord Septa (930-938)
Of the Septare clan takes the throne

The 7 of light meet for the first time

Lord Kathar (938-940)
of Hold Kathar takes the throne

the “Kingdom without a Head” (940-945)

Jerum VII (945-946)
Retakes the Throne and insists order.
Assassinated by Duke Steelock

Steelock (946-948)
Is killed by the 7 of Light

Jerum the VIII (948-1020) The “late” king
Retakes the Throne
Draconum Crusaders are formed and fend of Lokus Cult

Lord Buckley the Bold (1020-1035)

Thomas Jerum Arthur (1035-1040)
Last remaining heir to the Jerum family line is murdered by zodien.

THE THIRD AGE: The Race wars
Tribal Orn I (1040-1124)

Vala currency is established on the continent (“so” the troll word for gold and also the number 9) A capital remote location is seiged and taken over as a satellite city for the king. Corinthia. Soon after Northstar is built

Tribalus Orn the II (1124-1130)

Elves land on Corthis and establish Barrow Wind and Eldrige. Draconum Crusaders disband. Iron fist law goes into effect.

Nelock Orn (1130-1200)

Grislack and Newgate meet for the first time. Nelock is murdered by Felix Greenthorn Dionus is established. Orcish currency tanks the lands return to gold standard Whitepine and Barrow wind are established

Orlack Orn (1200-1260)

Meridian committee is established. Felix Greenthorn is killed and Lokus plot foiled.

THE FOURTH AGE: Technological breakthroughs
Romius Colgrim I (1260-1294)

If ever there was thought to be a more entrepenurial man it is Sir Romius Colgrim. Once a regent to King Orlack Orn. Since slightly manipulated by the encroaching Zodien went slightly insane.

Romius Colgrim the II (1294-1372)

East Haven, Eldrik and Stonecliff are established.

Romius Colgrim the III (1372-1450)
Romius Colgrim the IV (1450-)


The Oldest Houses of Ancient History….
House Val
House Jerumathia
House Raven
House Corinth


Waring city states 0-500

Jerum the I The Unitor 525-589
Jerum the II The Pious 589-601
Jerum the III The Cruel 601-688
Jerum the IV The Weak 688-742
Jerum the V/Steelock 1 The Merciful 742-800
Jerum the VI The Crusader King 800-870

Lord Thron 870-920
Lord Roland 920-923
Lord Faron 923-930
Lord Septa 930-938
Lord Kathar 938-940

The Kingdom Without a Head 940-945

Jerum VII 945-946

Lord Steelock I Steelock 946-948

Jerum VIII (the late king) 948-1020

Lord Buckley the Bold (the interrupting king) 1020-1035
Thomas Jerum Arthur (the half-blood king) 1035-1040

Tribal Orn I 1040-1124
III 1124-1130
Nelock Orn 1130-1200
Orlack Orn Appointed Corinthian Lord 1200-1260

Romius Colgrim I 1260-1294
Romius Colgrim II The Boy 1294-1372
Romius Colgrim III The Elder 1372-1450
Romius Colgrim IV The Scientific 1450-1470
Romius Colgrim V (as yet unknown) 1470-Present day


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