The Blade Arena

The Blade Arena

Run by: Enrick Blade
Owned by: Ferin Highdawn

Is an ancient natural structure that was re-purposed for the entertainment (some say distraction) of the people of Septare. It was discovered by Arnack Jerum in 650 but only re-purposed as a gladiator arena in the second modern age under King Septa in the year 930 as a gift to his constituents from his homeland Septare.

The arena is unique within the Realm of Steel in that it, as once a natural structure, uses the ribcage of some ancient creature as its central structure. Some say that the island that it is built upon was in fact not an island at all but rather a funeral mound for the massive creature. Its sternum pieced with a massive long sword that is the arena’s namesake. Most proprietors of the arena tend to change their surname to reflect this priceless artifact.

Before the times of the meridian committee an mage (whose name was lost in the great flood of 949) had claimed, by interpreting the weapons ancient inscriptions, that the swords original owner was a giant by the name Onesque Malraleg. Giants however have not been seen in the Realm of Steel since the Great Cataclysm of 500 so the claim is still contended.

Currently the arena hold tournaments every month, tailoring each show to meet the festivals and current events of the day based on the curators ambitions.


The Blade Arena

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