One largest cities in Northern Teracone and thus called one of the “Northern four”. (Septare, Maybridge, Farronus, Kathar). It was once a city of mercenaries, defectors, charlatans and thieves and truth be told Septare, from one view point is very much the same city. Others call the city “The City of Wonders” as around each twisting corner, behind each haggling pomegranate salesman, Gora Beetle apothecary, and Tanzinir junky, lie a certain story of intrigue mystery and adventure. The city is broken up into 6 distinct districts. They are:


Grana: once a bustling merchant side of town has now fallen into squalor and poverty. Mobsters walk the streets openly and merchants are constantly being shaken down for payment. This district was formed by a hard working merchant dwarf back in the times of prosperity by the name of Wahrlang Rose. A man of much ambition, wealth, power and a taste for human spices.

Mage-ton was one the center of Septare that was full of libraries and booksellers. Though being so close to the sea much of the books were ruined during the great flood of 949. The district how is a series of empty warehouse, tanzinir-user dens and mob strongholds

Falute is and was the towns spiritual center. Cloisters and places of worships dot almost every corner of these winding part of town each arched doorway seeming to lead into another gods embrace. Worshipers often encounter conflict with one another at the worst of times, ignoring each other at the best.

Brinal holds the cities county seat and the home of the current and ancient royal blood family of the city: House Raven. The wealthiest of the towns merchants and visitors prefer, if there is room, to stay in Brinal district. It also hold some of the most sexually deviant, diverse and Dionysius of brothels in the land, second only to the famous red-light district in Olivia.

Big-stone and Nala hold the best markets in Terracone each district laying claim to the better yield and customers claims often shifting between the two. The sweet smelling street vendors and flavor food here draw many a tourist from the south that can afford to travel so far north. The spices and spicy/bitter flavors (as cheap as they are) of much of the food hear is oft desired by even the loftiest of kings for their freshness.



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