Maybridge was once merely a defensive fort on the western coast holding a strategic waterway. The famed house Buckley held this fort for years in good stead and fine rule; loyal to the king. Followers of the House Buckley soon grew (as did the town) becoming one of the most powerful on the continent. House Buckley having no son passed the hold onto Rall of House Highdawn (a house in strong contention to succeed with the rival house Newgate). Despite the Newgate legacy, House Highdawn won the favor of Erland Buckley and thus his only daughter Darine Buckley married Raul Highdawn and a new legacy was penned in the Book of Great Homes.

The citizens of Maybridge were divided about which house should take the Hold. Many believed House Newgate to be the better fare as for their accomplishments withholding the rise and plans of the Lokus cult, however other believe House Highdawn the better heir as for their defense of Fort Roland against House Kent of Farronus in their attempt to gain land.

The culture of Maybridge is a mix of old world and new world mentality. House Newgate, strongly favoring world views encouraged a wider world view for its citizens. Also being a hub port town between Olivia and Septare and having a light rail near its town center has helped bring many spices, and artifacts/paintings from other parts of the world.



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