Kathar, the watchers of the north, have been loyal to the King of Valandria for as long as the gods can remember. A strong, rugged but also easy going people that value their women higher than any other city in the Realm of Steel. For this reason many people call the Katharians as soft and/or the Kings lapdogs but the Katharians know better. They import some of the best wine and olives in the lands.

In the dry area of the world that it lie, Kathar is ideal for making some of the most delicious and sought after grapes, olives and of course wine in the Teracone. The citizens of Kathar are also well known for their multi-tonal music, their paintings of blue and bronze and their armor that the more tunes of noses can still smell the sea air on it.

The city is build on a cliff face and most homes are simple one room units painted white, blue or bronze and all have a lovely view of the sea. The more adventures sons and daugthers of Kathar would often head towards the Northern Keep and the Barrow (respectively) though Katharians do not really have a need for travel as they feel they have been blessed with a good life despite their location to the wall.



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