Thomas Wendell

A mysterious young boy foretold to hold great magical power


A pale skinned fair, haired young boy.


During the Fall
Thomas was rescued from his captivity under Sternos who believed him to key in bringing the vessel of Time. Lady Raven sent her trusted operative, Trent Alcin to rescue Thomas and bring him to safety under her care.

At the end of the Fall he was brought to City of Doors where his memories lead the party to the final temple where he was ultimately sent back in time to fulfill his destiny.

True Origin
After disappearing into the time portal, Thomas was sent back into the past where he became a scholar of history and the arcane. He grew to harness the magic inside him but as his power and access to the Time power grew it ate at the very fabric of his memory and psyche. A loving husband and a respected teacher (and secret wizard), Thomas channeled the last of his memories into magical runs and inscriptions on his body with the help of other powerful wizards. He left his life and his wife to seek out a ‘cure’ to his disappearing memories but it proved all for naught. While his true identity disappeared, he struggled to form his fragments and knowledge into a new identities, namely Desmond Atwell, a travelling charlatan and ‘bard’

Thomas Wendell

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