Desmond Atwell

A human charlatan bard cursed with secrets.


“Deceased” Bard (charlatan)

  • Steel Rapier
  • Leather armor
  • Tattered dress robes

Desmond as the campaign knew him began as a history professor who suffering from visions of the past and future. His condition also caused a type of magical amnesia to set in. As the years past he forgot more and more of his past, even his loved ones. His skin is actually covered in tattoos, most of which the origins are unknown to him. His ‘magic’ manifested itself in the form of sigils and drawings that held magical power. While his memories faded, his retention of facts and the ways of arcana remained strong. To hide his lack of memories he often spun tales of pasts from old literature and posed as many different people with varying histories from town to town in his travels, seeking answers the cause of his visions and deteriorating memory. Some of his tattoos actually told secrets to his powers and his true history but none of this was revealed to him during his last years of his life. He did his best to keep a record of his travels and his memories in a book of drawings. The whereabouts of the book are unknown.

During The Fall
Desmond’s travels lead him to Septare where he was deceived by the Bloodletters, who actually had no answers to his origins or his magical curse. There he befriended the assassin, Asher and the ranger, Novak. He was key in the assassinations the Highdawn brothers, and was actually the unknown magician who seemed to run into the Stotos vs Ulrich gladiator match at the famed fall of the Blade and vaporize the challenger in the moment of defeat. Through the collapse of Septare and the Kathar to the demon hordes, Desmond chose to face Sternos at The Barrow. It would seem his calling to destiny was part of the ‘Time’ ritual. Desmond was killed by Sternos and the power of Time within was released to summon the Dark Lord. However was it fate or his choice that led him to die on the tower? With the completion of the rituals, the Dark Lord was summoned and took living form again, and rather the cycle of regeneration and degeneration, Zodian was finally and truly destroyed once and for all.

True Origin
In the last days of humanity, Desmond’s true self, Thomas Wendell was revealed to be a young boy who was fated to be sent back in time to stop the Dark Lord, but in this cycle, Desmond’s death actually lead to the Zodian taking a form that could be ultimately destroyed. Thomas Wendell grew into a powerful wizard and imbued with the power of time travel though the Eos portal. The Time powers destroyed his memory and even his own identity was scarred and jumbled like his own name. As his memories left, he and other wizards took what memories and instructions that were most important inscribed them in powerful runes and inscriptions on his body so he would always remember. With the last of his memories fading he said farewell to his wife, kissed her on the cheek while she slept and disappeared into the night, the next day he awoke on the road, with no memory of who he was. And so began his journey across Teracone for answers, growing magical power, and to meet his destiny.

Desmond at first glance, appeared quite the fashionable and upper class adventurer but closer inspection would reveal the years of travel and weather on his robes. He is covered neck to toe in robes hiding his scars and magical tattoos which he avoids revealing to any and all. His pale skin and bald head are set off by his dark sunken eyes. His robes and cloak obscure a satchel and pouches all over his person which power his magic spells.

Desmond Atwell

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